Case Study: Renovating a Kitchen for a City Family Moving to Adrsley, NY

Client Profile

The clients are downsizing to a young family moving from the city to Ardsley, NY.  They want a kitchen that will allow them to enjoy time together as a family, while functioning well for entertaining.  

Client Goals

After our initial consultation, had a clear vision of what our clients needed.  Functionally, the primary goal was to improve the workflows in the space, by creating a dedicated prep area.  They love entertaining, so we needed to create a barrier between the guest area and prep space.  

We also wanted to create a comfortable area to allow them to spend time together while working on separate tasks, whether cooking, doing homework or working remotely. 

East Hill created a unique design to use the space most efficiently. First, we rearranged the appliances to create distinct work areas for cooking, cleaning and preparation.  Adding an island created a large work surface, while separating the work and seating areas.

Second, we removed an existing wall to create an eat-in area.  Removing the wall allowed us to fit an island, while still fitting a large table.


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“Renovating your kitchen can be stressful, especially when it comes to cabinets. East Hill helps you design your ideal kitchen and get beautiful, long-lasting cabinetry.”
Anthony Maucieri
Founder of East Hill

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