Case Study: Round Kitchen in Redding, CT

Client Profile

The clients are a couple nearing retirement.  They are ‘right sizing’ into a 1970’s home in Redding, and tailoring the entire space to fit their lifestyle.

Client Goals

After spending time the clients, we understood how they wanted to live in their new space.  They loved to entertain, hosting large groups and putting on a show while doing it!  

They also had a very clear vision for the aesthetics of the space, as they were both creative professionals.  They loved curves lines and prefer round shapes to rigid squares and rectangles.  

The Problem

Walls are typically straight! As are all the components of a kitchen- cabinetry, refrigerators, wall ovens, dishwashers, ranges etc.  

East Hill created a unique design to use the space most efficiently.  First, we envisioned the space as a cooking studio.  We oriented all the tall items that varies in width behind the island to help with our layout, but to also act as a backdrop.  We started the curved portion of the room in the corner by using a walk-in corner pantry that had a round shelves and a rounded entry.  

On the sink wall, we framed out a curved wall to give the feeling of a round room, and oriented similarly sized cabinets in an arch along that wall. 

The working side of the island was square due to the 48″ range top, and we oriented it towards the corner of the space.  This allowed us to round the back of the island to continue the arch from the exterior wall.  

Last, we placed four round tables in the dining room for their large gatherings, creating a more intimate setting inside the larger party.


“Renovating your kitchen can be stressful, especially when it comes to cabinets. East Hill helps you design your ideal kitchen and get beautiful, long-lasting cabinetry.”
Anthony Maucieri
Founder of East Hill

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