How Long Should your Kitchen Renovation Take?

Your contractor tells you two to four weeks to renovate your kitchen, and it seems too good to be true.  Unfortunately, it is. So, how long should your kitchen renovation take?

A Typical Kitchen Renovation Should Take Six to Twelve Weeks

The timeline depends on the scope of the project. This projection considers the kitchen being demolished to the studs and rebuilt in the existing space. 

It is important to remember we are going to enjoy this kitchen for years, if not decades.  In the end, what feels like a long process now will feel like a small blip in time once you are enjoying your new space.

A Typical Project Schedule

Your project starts with demolition.  This is the removal of all existing fixtures, walls, and flooring. This can take upwards of a week.  

After demolition, the rough work begins.  This is all the work that goes on behind the walls.  This includes running electrical wires and plumbing lines, along with any framing and insulation work required.  This can take two to three weeks.  You will also need time for inspections of all that work before closing the walls.

Next, the contractor closes the walls and installs the floors (another 1-2 weeks depending on the flooring material). Now the space is ready for cabinet installation. Cabinet installation should take about one week to be ready for the countertop template. 

There are two weeks between the countertop template and installation. Once installed, you can now connect your sink, install your appliances and backsplash.  

At this stage, you are likely at “substantial completion”.  This means your space is livable, and your contractor has a small punch-list of items to complete.  This may include painting, hanging light fixtures, cabinet repairs, or replacement parts.  

Again, it is important to remember we are going to enjoy this kitchen for years, if not decades

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