Should You Remodel Your Kitchen Before Selling Your Home?

Should I remodel my kitchen before selling my home? 


There are many benefits to selling a home with renovated kitchen:

  • A remodeled kitchen will be a ‘tie breaker’ when compared to other properties
  • Your carrying costs will be reduced– homes with updated kitchens are on the market for a much shorter period of time
  • You will receive a higher price!


Consider the perspecive of the purchaser. The finished kitchen gets rolled into a new homeowners mortgage.  If the kitchen needs to be replaced, the new buyers need to have the cash on hand after purchasing the property.  That isn’t common, and will limit your pool of buyers.  

We have done many projects for homeowners with the intent to sell their homes. Quite a few times the homeowners end up loving the space so much they end up staying.  If not, they regret not doing it earlier and getting to enjoy it. 

My advice would be to do the renovation 5-6 years ahead of the sale. Be sure to use quality products and professionals, so when it is time to list it still looks great!  This way you get to enjoy your kitchen, and it will still look like new when its time to sell.  

Check out the video below for more information!

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