Case Study: Helping a Client Navigate Limitless Color Choices in Scarsdale, NY

Client Profile

The clients have been living in their Scarsdale, NY home since 2017. The clients have a growing family, and enjoy cooking.   


The clients were able to see the vision for their layout very quickly, but had a very hard time committing to colors and finishes.  They had a diverse collection of inspiration images, and were suffering from Instagram overload.  Further, while they were able to see the colors on physical samples in our showroom, they couldn’t envision how the materials would look in their space.

The complexity of coordinating the cabinets, countertops, floors and backsplash was delaying the project and causing sleepless nights.  

Client Goals

Once we had our initial consultation, we were able to create a strategy to address this challenge.  The first goal was to design and mostly finalize the floor plan before addressing the finishes.  The second goal was to start broad and narrow choices through each iteration.   


East Hill Cabinetry focused on using our photorealistic 3-d renderings to help the clients envision their space with different material groupings.  We started with three drastically different sets of materials in the first iteration, in multiple combinations.  This allowed the client to confidently select a core group of finishes to use moving forward.

With that achieved, we were able to show multiple combinations of the core materials in different parts of the kitchen.  Having that array of choices allowed the clients to prioritize which materials should be the focal points, and which materials interact best with one another. 


The end result is a kitchen that has a rich combination of materials, uniquely crafted to the preference of the clients.  The boldness of the dark blue cabinets combined with the warmth of the stained alder creates an inviting and interesting space.  Yet the space still feels light and open due to the lighter colored countertops, backsplash and wall cabinets.  

“Renovating your kitchen can be stressful, especially when it comes to cabinets. East Hill helps you design your ideal kitchen and get the beautiful, long-lasting cabinetry.”

Helping a client navigate limitless color choices in Scarsdale, NY.

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