Case Study: White Kitchen with Gold Hardware in Bronxville, NY

Client Profile

The clients had recently purchased a home in Bronxville, NY with the intent to redesign the entire home.  

Client Goals

After our initial consultation, we were able to create a set of priorities and goals with the clients.  The main priority was to improve the aesthetics of the kitchen, creating a crisper and more modern feel.  The homeowners liked the layout of the kitchen but wanted to enlarge the island to integrate more seating.


The main challenge was the size of the island.  The material best suited for the clients aesthetic was quartz, but the sizes were limited.  Granite or marble would both be available in slabs large enough to increase the island size.  Unfortunately, the client didn’t like the available colors of granite and was concerned about the durability and porosity of marble countertops. 

The space had high ceilings with a soffit above the cabinets.  Not only did this make the space feel smaller, the painted sheetrock on the soffit made the space seem outdated and the cabinets less custom-tailored to the home.  


East Hill set a priority on finding the right countertop material.  We contact multiple quartz suppliers to find the right combination of slab size and color.  Once we had the quartz selected, we could then begin creating the aesthetic they desired.  

We paired the quartz counters with white cabinets and gold hardware, to create a created a crisp, fresh feel in the space.  We used a frameless cabinet with a recessed flat panel door that had a very tight reveal.  This reduced the number of lines and shadows while creating more interest than a completely flat slab door.  

We used a white glass tile in a herringbone pattern to add interest.  To create contrast we added a black island, also with gold hardware.  This, along with the dark brown floors made the white cabinetry and other elements feel brighter and pop more.

Last, we removed the soffit and used a two-tiered cabinet to fill the space.  This made the room feel much taller and added a nice detail to the cabinetry. 

“Renovating your kitchen can be stressful, especially when it comes to cabinets. East Hill helps you design your ideal kitchen and get the beautiful, long-lasting cabinetry.”
Anthony Maucieri
Anthony Maucieri
Founder of East Hill

Before & After

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